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Ken Keseys book One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is a story about a mental hospital and exercise of power.

Randle McMurphy is a rebel, who comes to the mental hospital. He has lied that he isn’t normal and that he has mental issues, becouse he thinks that in mental hospital will be easyer to survive than in prison. He comes to the hospital and starts to protest against the rules. (more…)


Book review:

Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto is a story of love, loss, the complexity of human relationships, and, not surprisingly, kitchens. I think the book was an easy read and it was nice to concentrate on other peoples’ problems rather than my own for a change. 😀 😀 😀 😀

Character analysis:

The whole book circles around a young Japanese woman in her twenties, Mikage Sakurai, and the story is in a diary-like first person narrative from her point of view. In the beginning of the book she had just lost the last person in her family, her grandmother, which of course makes her depressed. She also has trauma from losing her parents at a young age.

She becomes a tenant at the Tanabe household and creates a close bond with both the mother (former father) Eriko and the son Yuichi. When Eriko dies, she, once again, has to deal with the grief of death in the family.  About her death she says: “When my parents died I was still a child. When my grandfather died, I had a boyfriend. When my grandmother died I was left all alone. But never have I felt so alone as I did now.”

Mikage as a person is a bit clingy, but she has all the reason to considering the rate of people kicking off around her. She’s also rather unsure about herself and her actions, but can also be feisty and impulsive when needed. Remember the way she drives miles, climbs over a fence and through a hotel window and accidentally cuts her leg all because the girl simply felt like having to share some especially delicious take-away katsudon with Yuichi? If that isn’t out of the blue, I sure can’t say what is.

I think she outwards is quite a cheerful, easy-going and open-minded person, who makes friends with the right kind of people for her. The open-mindedness really shows with the transgender mother figure and that strange kitchen… well, not fetish, but rather an obsession. Well, who cares, we all draw our comfort from something.

In the cases of both the Tanabes she goes from friendship to love, for Eriko Mikage goes from depressed to who-cares-I-still-have-the-memories throughout the story. The angst she felt in the beginning did come back during the sad period after Eriko’s death but the young woman learnt to hold her head up high and to take life as it comes. Her route goes via the happy family to the loving relationship with Yuichi. She loves Eriko as a mother figure and Yuichi as a potential (later real) boyfriend.

There sure is character development in the book, mostly because literature in Japan does not emphasize the plot as much as the characters’ inner feelings and mental growth. This may sometimes leave the plots thin but if one is looking for round characters and philosophy, this is the place to look for it.


Banana Yoshimoto: Kitchen. London 1993.

book review

The book is an excellent and fun.  And l really liked. the main character is crazy, so that is why i said he is schizophrenia.

Character analysis

The bookOne flew over the cuckoo`s nest, narrate a story about some people living in a menal institute. Mc murphy is one of the main character of the novel. Mc murphy is aloud readheaded gambler that does what ever he likes when ever he wantsto. Mr Rachaid is the head nurse in the waid. Mc murphy is kind of the boss of everybody in the ward. M murphy wasn`t happy with way things happened in the ward, so he wanted to make a difference. he tried to and they started to behave like him, wake up late, say i do what ever they felt like change some of the rules. Most of the patients liked him for that. In the begining some of the patients living in the ward thought Mc murphy was kind and thoughtful. They later realized that since Mc murphy came, they have lost alot of money. And also that Mc murphy did most of the things he did becauce he finds itdifficult to obey orders.

Mcmurphy did some stupid things like callenging the head nurse on several occeations during the afrernoon meetings and making fun of her. And he also used lots of curse words on several occations like“Goddammit“. Mc murphy was not actually cazy, he got in to the mental institute because he wanted to had two options go to jail or go to a nuthouse , so he chose the nuthouse. When he found out that the nurse is the one to decide on how long  he gets to stay at the nutehouse. He wanted to change his behaviour but he couldn`t.


mind map

challenging words


 basin= lavuaari

fleecy= villainen

chrapper= huussi

vulgar= alatyylinen

scheme= diagrammi

winking= vilkuttaa

pathetic= liikuttava

stunted= kitukasvuinen

encircle= ympäröidä

hostile= vihamielinen


Book review

Despite the flat characters, the idea of this novel is quite fascinating, and reading about other’s love and sufferings is always interesting. I’d say this book grabs your interest once you get the idea of the timetraveling. Ô.o : ) : )


Book Review

A farewell to Arms is a novel written by Ernest Hemingway. The story is about the war during the World War I and it tells a story of Tenente. I found this book interesting and it describes very pleasantly the war by a soldier’s view. I liked this book very much, although some paragraphs were surprisingly long. The way the author describes things is great, for example, the scenery is portrayed smoothly.


Book review

Good, but a little weird 🙂 The writing style of this book was a little weird but still quite easy to read. The way some characters spoke was challenging to understand  because they spoke “old English”.


Book Review

I found the book Odd Thomas very interesting. It was quite easy to read but sometimes sentences were complicated. Mainly it was easy to keep up with plot and the book was worth to read. 🙂  🙂

Mind Map

Character Analysis

The book ‘Odd Thomas’ begings the main character Odd Thomas telling about himself. He’s a twenty-year-old man who lives in a fictional town of Pico Mundo in California.

He describes himself  unusual person but he doesn’t tell straight why he is so ‘odd’. Later the reader finds out that Odd can see dead people. When a suspicious-looking and followed by ghosts-guy arrives to the Pico Mundo grill (Odd’s workplace) Odd is convinced that something terrible will happen in town and the inhabitants are in danger including his lover Stormy Lwellyn. Odd has to find a way how to save them.

Odd is  intelligent and inventive person. He is also brave and he have the courage to take risks for example finding out what’s going on with Fungus Man (the guy followed by ghosts). First he gives kind of hard image of himself but there is also a sensitive side in him which comes out when theres Stormy in question. I also found him very humane although he’s able to see dead people and that is like daily stuff to him. He also has ironic comments sometimes which made book funnier from time to time.

I think that in the future Odd’s life will be messed again by ghosts.

Challenging Words

acquaintance =tuttu

lieu = paikka

refrigerator = jääkaappi

perplexity = vaikeus

compartment = vaunuosasto

reincarnation = jälleensyntyminen

sullen = tuittupäinen

inebriation = humalatila

conspiratorial = juonitteleva

immeasurable = mittaamaton


Koontz Dean, 2003, Odd Thomas, Hammersmith, London