Character Analysis

The Alchemist is a great story about believing in something so much you would do almost everything to reach your goal. This story is about an Andalusian shepherd who keeps having a dream about a child pointing at the Pyramids and showing the treasure there. The flock is all the boy has but after meeting with the old gypsy lady and the old King with his wise words, the boy decides to go and find his treasure.  Along the way, he meets an Englishman who´s seeking for an Alchemist but surprisingly the great alchemist meets the shepherd and helps him find the treasure. And The end is all about believing in yourself.  

Santiago, the protagonist seems to be very independent for his age. His parents would have wanted him to be a priest, but the boy prefferred to be a shepherd. His choice had to have something to do with the fact that he was eager to discover new places. And whatismore, the shepherd is committed to taking care of his flock  which means the job really works for him.

The boy is also extremely brave and ambitious. When the boy got robbed he was sad and dissapointed for a moment only and then worked in a glass store until he earned the money to return home. After earning enough money he remembers the wise words of an old king and listens to his heart and the boy decides to go on looking for the treasure. This shows that the boy is able to do what it takes and what his heart tells to do.

There´s also a lot of talking about reading the omens and about the language of the world. While learning to read the omens, the protagonist really seems to find something new and different about himself and he definately gets more thoughtful than before.

Book Review

Great :):)It was surprisingly easy to read and never got the reader bored. Sometimes there were too much monologs for example about the omens.

Challenging Words

 an omen= enne

a merchant= kauppias

a jug= kannu

to heed= pitää silmällä

perceived= havaittu

to plunge = pudota

capricious= oikukas

a hookah= vesipiippu

a treason= maanpetos


Paulo Coelho – The Alchemist


Mindmap of  Santiago