"One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" by Ken Kesey

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Character analysis

Ken Keseys book One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest is a story about a mental hospital and exercise of power.

Randle McMurphy is a rebel, who comes to the mental hospital. He has lied that he isn’t normal and that he has mental issues, becouse he thinks that in mental hospital will be easyer to survive than in prison. He comes to the hospital and starts to protest against the rules. (more…)


book review

The book is an excellent and fun.  And l really liked. the main character is crazy, so that is why i said he is schizophrenia.

Character analysis

The bookOne flew over the cuckoo`s nest, narrate a story about some people living in a menal institute. Mc murphy is one of the main character of the novel. Mc murphy is aloud readheaded gambler that does what ever he likes when ever he wantsto. Mr Rachaid is the head nurse in the waid. Mc murphy is kind of the boss of everybody in the ward. M murphy wasn`t happy with way things happened in the ward, so he wanted to make a difference. he tried to and they started to behave like him, wake up late, say i do what ever they felt like change some of the rules. Most of the patients liked him for that. In the begining some of the patients living in the ward thought Mc murphy was kind and thoughtful. They later realized that since Mc murphy came, they have lost alot of money. And also that Mc murphy did most of the things he did becauce he finds itdifficult to obey orders.

Mcmurphy did some stupid things like callenging the head nurse on several occeations during the afrernoon meetings and making fun of her. And he also used lots of curse words on several occations like“Goddammit“. Mc murphy was not actually cazy, he got in to the mental institute because he wanted to had two options go to jail or go to a nuthouse , so he chose the nuthouse. When he found out that the nurse is the one to decide on how long  he gets to stay at the nutehouse. He wanted to change his behaviour but he couldn`t.


mind map

challenging words


 basin= lavuaari

fleecy= villainen

chrapper= huussi

vulgar= alatyylinen

scheme= diagrammi

winking= vilkuttaa

pathetic= liikuttava

stunted= kitukasvuinen

encircle= ympäröidä

hostile= vihamielinen