This blog can be commented by anyone in the world. Students have also been asked to evaluate their peers constructively according to the following criteria:


  • Do you like the title?
  • Does the book review grab your attention?
  • What do you think about the analysis?
  • Is the structure clear and comprehensible? (a beginning, a middle and an end)
  • Has the author focused on describing the character?
  • Is there a gist to the story? Some kind of theory?
  • Why do you like it / why not? Which details/quotations are the best?
  • How could it be developed further?

Media / Appearance

  • Are there links / videos / pictures? Are they relevant?
  • What do you think about the mind map? Does it seem like the analysis is based on the map?
  • Has the author considered copyrights and used only pictures/text that he/she is allowed to use?
  • Do you like the appearance and why? (paragraphs, titles, fonts etc.)
  • Have the sources been cited properly? (bibliography, quotes)


  • Can you spot any mistakes and how could they be fixed?
  • Have the ten challenging words been translated properly?

The teacher will comment the posts according to the same criteria on a scale of satisfactory / good / very good / excellent.