Paulo Coelhos book “The Alchemist” is a story about a boy, Santiago. Santiago is a shepherd and he lives in Andalusia with his sheep. In the book Santiago dreams about the treasure, which is in Afrika. He has seen the same dream a few times and he wants to start finding the treasure. He goes to Afrika after speaking with the king about his little trip. The king says that Santiago should go and find the treasure. When Santiago gets there, to Afrika, he gets robbed and there is no treasure. Where is it then or does it even exist?

Santiago is the main character of the book. He is quite pensive and he thinks a lot of things. Santiago is independent for his age and very brave, because he ventured to go to Afrika alone find some treasure, which may not even be there. Santiagos parents wanted that Santiago would have been a priest, but himself he wanted to be a shepherd and then he came one. One reason to that Santiago went to Afrika could have been that he likes to travel, because he says one time in the book that he like to travel.

The main character, Santiago, did the right choice, when he decide to find the treasure, which he dreamed of.  Santiago behave friendly and quite normal with other characters, but mostly he do everything alone by him self in the book.