Book Review

I found the book Odd Thomas very interesting. It was quite easy to read but sometimes sentences were complicated. Mainly it was easy to keep up with plot and the book was worth to read. 🙂  🙂

Mind Map

Character Analysis

The book ‘Odd Thomas’ begings the main character Odd Thomas telling about himself. He’s a twenty-year-old man who lives in a fictional town of Pico Mundo in California.

He describes himself  unusual person but he doesn’t tell straight why he is so ‘odd’. Later the reader finds out that Odd can see dead people. When a suspicious-looking and followed by ghosts-guy arrives to the Pico Mundo grill (Odd’s workplace) Odd is convinced that something terrible will happen in town and the inhabitants are in danger including his lover Stormy Lwellyn. Odd has to find a way how to save them.

Odd is  intelligent and inventive person. He is also brave and he have the courage to take risks for example finding out what’s going on with Fungus Man (the guy followed by ghosts). First he gives kind of hard image of himself but there is also a sensitive side in him which comes out when theres Stormy in question. I also found him very humane although he’s able to see dead people and that is like daily stuff to him. He also has ironic comments sometimes which made book funnier from time to time.

I think that in the future Odd’s life will be messed again by ghosts.

Challenging Words

acquaintance =tuttu

lieu = paikka

refrigerator = jääkaappi

perplexity = vaikeus

compartment = vaunuosasto

reincarnation = jälleensyntyminen

sullen = tuittupäinen

inebriation = humalatila

conspiratorial = juonitteleva

immeasurable = mittaamaton


Koontz Dean, 2003, Odd Thomas, Hammersmith, London