Book Review

A farewell to Arms is a novel written by Ernest Hemingway. The story is about the war during the World War I and it tells a story of Tenente. I found this book interesting and it describes very pleasantly the war by a soldier’s view. I liked this book very much, although some paragraphs were surprisingly long. The way the author describes things is great, for example, the scenery is portrayed smoothly.

Mind Map

A mind map of Tenente

Character Analysis

Ernest Hemingway has created a fine atmosphere in A Farewell to Arms. It is a story that describes the every day of war from the point-of-view of a man in the middle of it.

The protagonist of the story is a young man called Tenente. The book is also about the love between Tenente and Catherine, an English nurse. Tenente is an American ambulance driver who is in Italy because of the war. His appearance isn’t described very much so I felt that the author didn’t give a clear image of the character.

The character of Tenente seems to be insignificant. He behaves sometimes weirdly and neutrally. I can sense him as a quiet, calm person who likes to think things alone. He also feels comfortable talking with his fellows, which does happen much in the book. Sometimes I can even see some modesty in his attitude. For example, when his friends want him to get a medal for certain reasons but he feels that he doesn’t deserve or need it. He appears not to be worrying much. For example, when his girlfriend announces she’s pregnant Tenente is very calm and understanding. However, in that time people reacted little bit differently for these kinds of things than nowadays.

Mr Henry or Tenente reminds me of an ordinary man. Of course, everybody is different but I don’t feel he has a notable strong personality. He is a man who you can trust but there’s something mysterious about him. I had a feeling that the protagonist might do something shocking just out of the blue. The future of Tenente’s life is completely in shade. The book ends very open-mindedly. Anything is possible but maybe he just continues his life as the way it was at the beginning.

Challenging Words

dusk – hämärä

oar – airo, mela

throb – tykyttää, värähdellä, sykkiä

fallacy – petos, erehdys; harhakuva

deprecate – paheksua

bayonet – pistin

jaundice – keltatauti

scornful – halveksiva, ylimielinen

dismal – synkkä, kurja, ankea

nuisance – vahinko, ilkivalta, vaiva


Hemingway, Ernest. 1929. A Farewell to Arms. London: Arrow.