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Mind Map

A mind map of Ralph

Lord of the flies

Character Analysis

The book begins following a plane crash and then a bunch of young British boys starts to live on the tropical Island. The novel’s protagonist is a twelve-year-old British boy Ralph. Ralph is athletic, charismatic, civilized, social. Ralph is a gentleman.

 Ralph is elected as a leader of the survivors on the island. Ralph is a diplomat and a natural leader. He arranges the meeting place, the fire. Ralph is different from the others. He tries to build a comfortable living place on the island with Simon. He gives courage to others when they need. He is very caring person. Ralph enjoys the freedom on the island because there are no grown-ups. Ralph takes some ideas from Piggy when he needs. Ralph loses his leadership to Jack who is the novel’s antagonist. When Jack becomes leader and powerful, piggy leave Ralph’s group. In the last part of this novel, Ralph escapes into the jungle and he sees an officer with his ship.

Ralph might become a President because he likes to be a leader. 

Challenging Words

Humiliation =nöyryytys

Foliage =lehdet



Swirl= pyöriä



Whimper= uikuttaa




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