"The Catcher in the Rye" by J. D. Salinger

Character Analysis

The Catcher in the Rye (1951)  is a book written by J.D. Salinger. It’s a story about Holden Caulfield who’s kicked out from Pencey Prep school. It’s already the fourth school he has been kicked out. So, he goes to New York and thinks what to do with his life. 

 Now I’m going to tell you about Ward Stradlater who was Holden’s roommate at Pencey. He’s kind of minor character and Holden doesn’t like him, but you can’t say Stradlater is the antagonist , because Holden doesn’t like nearly anyone.

Stradlater is kind of player. I mean, he plays with girls. Stradlater skinny, but he has broad shoulders. He has very good build, and he admits it himself too. Even Holden admits that! Stradlater looks always right ’cause he likes to fix himself up, and many thinks that he’s very handsome. All most all girls adore him and he gets nearly every girl he wants. Every night he has a different girl. In brief,  Stradlater is gorgeus outside, but inside a real bastard.

Stradlater’s motives to do what he does is that he thinks he’s so good-looking that he has to try all girls because he has a chance to do that. In one episode of the book, Stradlater and Holden are fighting. The reason is that Stradlater Has had a date with Holden’s old friend Jane Gallagher. Holden stocks Stradlater, who of course stocks him back. Holden loses the fight, and thinks Stradlater is bastard. I think that Stradlater stocked just because he wanted to self-defense himself.

 Last thing that books tells about Stradlater is when he stays in Pencey and Holden goes to New York. Story doesn’t tell more but you can guess that maybe he just continued he’s studying at pencey and maybe he get a new roommate.

 In future I see that  Ward Stradlater is little relaxed and he has stopped girls hunting. maybe he has a wife, children? Good profession is quite sure, because altough he’s very interested in girls, he’s hard-studier.

Mindmap of Stradlater


Book review

In my opinion this book was great. First I tought that this book seemed very boring, but when I started to read I couldn’t stop that. Maybe the best thing was that I read it in English, because people in New York speak English with their own slang in it. It could have sound ridiculous when Holden and all have speaked Helsinki’s slang in 50’s New York. And understood nearly all that I read, maybe all TV soap operas have helped me in that.

I think that especially boys should read this. Book speaks about all boys problems and toughs which are topical still although we are not in the 50’s. But book helps girls too. By reading this book, you could learn lot of boys’ complicated mind.

 Okey, book is little depressing and realistic, but sometimes people need to thinks about those kind of questions like “who am I?” and “what should I do now or in future?” that kind of questions book’s main character Holden thinks when he’s kicked out from school. Actually, I liked when Holden didn’t do like nothing but he tought so much that the book should have been longer, if there were more episodes in he’s life.

Challenging words

buzz: kutsua joku paikalle summerilla

dough: raha

halitosis: pahanhajuinen hengitys

lobby: aula, eteinen

lousy: surkea, kurja

phony: teeskentelijä, epärehellinen, teennäinen

pheumonia: keuhkokuume

rubberneck: pysähtyä töllistelemään

shrug: kohauttaa olkapäitään

sonuvabitch: ”hutsun jälkeläinen”

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Book Review

The book was boring at the beginning, but once you start getting to the interesting parts, it keeps on getting better. A very touching piece of literature, to be honest. Pictures a typical, slightly traumatized teenager very well.