"Of Mice And Men" by John Steinbeck

Book Review

The book was a great experience and I loved the fact, that the story was short but still interesting 🙂 You really can’t predict what is going to happen, everything is possible 😀

Mind Map

A mind map of  George

Character Analysis

Have you ever hidden a fatal secret? Or lied for a friend? John Steinbeck’s “Of mice and men” is a story of loyalty between hard- working men. The short novel depicts the time when slavery was accepted in America and owning a ranch was a sign of wealth.
George Milton, the other main- character, is having hard time finding work for himself and his disabled friend, Lennie Small. Because of Lennie’s state, George is kind of a brother- figure and the leader of these two. George makes sure that Lennie won’t get in trouble and takes care of him, like Lennie was a little baby.
The responsibility has been too much and George has turned into a bitter “nanny.” George is a lonely wolf and he would really like to travel alone and enjoy the few pleasures that he has an opportunity enjoy, such as girls and liquor. Sane company wouldn’t hurt from time to times. This situation resenbles a situation in which a parent is stuck at home with a baby and he would love to go and spend the evening with his friends.
As every good “father,” George has a softer side too. He allows Lennie to keep pets and tells him stories. The loyalty kicks in, when George refuses to give up Lennie to the authorities because Lennie has harassed some girl. Also, the ending shows us the merciful side of George.
When we look back and start thinking about who did what, the reason for Lennie’s execution was that George didn’t keep an eye on him as well as he could have. George also encouraged Lennie to keep dreaming about their own ranch and all the pets and animals they could have. It’s George’s fault that Lennie got killed and he is also responsible for the victims that Lennie accidently killed.

Challenging words

  1. Narrow = kapea, ahdas
  2. Brush = pensaikko
  3. Deep pool = (syvä) lampi
  4. a heron = haikara
  5. a bindle = laukku, säkki
  6. reed = kaisla
  7. alfalfa = alfalfa
  8. boody hatch = mielisairaala
  9. skittering = kipittävä
  10. a tart = lumppu, huora


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I’m writing this post as an assignment for my English class. I read the book Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck and my job is to write a character analysis, a short book review and some other things on my blog. Read this blog in a gentle way, keeping in mind that the writer is a high school student from Finland. 🙂

Of Mice and Men

Book review

A very special story! Recommended for all readers that like a short but exciting novel! 🙂

Character Analysis

George Milton really is the main character  in this mighty novel, for he is responsible for many events and the story is occasionally told from his perspective. George seems like a poor, wise person, although he’s not clearly described in the book. He only has one good friend, Lenni, and he tries to make the most out of everything with him, even though it may be hard for him at some points because of Lennies mental illness.. (more…)