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Not bad, but the story should’ve ended right after the first book. Less is more  🙂 🙂

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A mind map of Rosalie

The book cover of Breaking Dawn

Character Analysis

Love, passion, fear straight out of a nightmare and beauty makes the most interesting story of all time. But when you mix some vampires and werewolves in it, you’ve got Stephenie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn. This is the last book of her Twilight saga, bringing the love story to an end. Bella gets married to her vampire fiancé, Edward, and Jacob’s life seems to be over – until Bella returns from their honeymoon pregnant.

One of the minor characters, Rosalie Hale, steps up at this point in Breaking Dawn. In previous books Meyer has described the facts of Rosalie’s past, but she has mostly stayed in the background.

Rosalie Hale was born in New York in 1915. She envied her friend’s, Vera’s child and happy family; Rosalie’s own husband almost killed her. Carlisle found her in very bad condition and changed her into a vampire. Rosalie’s chances to have children were lost forever.

Rosalie was beautiful even as a human, but as a vampire, she is described to be the most beautiful woman. Still as a character, she is very cold, self-centred and she loves to be loved. She was jealous of Bella’s human-life, which is why they weren’t very close at the beginning: “though she had her impossible beauty, her loving family, and her soul mate in Emmet, she would have traded it all to be human. And here I was, callously throwing away everything she wanted in life like it was garbage. It didn’t exactly warm her to me.”

Who would’ve believed that there was something more pure inside this tall, forever eighteen, blond-haired beauty? One proof against her superficiality is her longing for a baby. Who could consider a maternal desire for a child as a selfish thought? Rosalie wouldn’t have cared if the half-vampire baby had killed Bella, and that is of course very egoistical. But anyone whose chance to have a yearned child had been seized, would’ve done exactly the same thing.

When both Bella and the child, Renesmee, survived from the birth, Rosalie didn’t turn all cold and despising to Bella again. Maybe she calculated that to win time with Renesmee as much as possible, she needed to keep rapport to the mother also. Her relationship with Jacob didn’t get any better though. The beauty queen, as Jacob called Rosalie, kept her distance to the werewolf, like Bella said: “I could hear Jacob and Rosalie outside on the front steps bickering over whose turn it was to feed Renesmee. Their relationship was as antagonistic as ever.”

In the end Rosalie got what she wanted in a way – a child. Many things still didn’t change: her love for Emmet, hate for Jacob and the need to be the most beautiful and loved one in the world. Only the way she regarded to Bella changed.

Challenging words:

Tantrum: raivokohtaus

Callous: paatunut

Thaw: sulattaa

Sloth: laiskuus, saamattomuus

Gibberish: siansaksa, mongerrus

Surveillance: valvonta, tarkkailu

Deviate: poiketa


Meyer, Stephenie. 2008. Breaking Dawn. Great Britain: Atom.