Book Review

Exciting : ) : ) : )

What first comes in my mind when I think about this book is that it was very agonizing. When I even think about someone peeping my thoughts makes me as lost as Winston Smith.

The begining of the book was pretty lame. My mind sliped out of the book many times, but when I kept reading it further it just got more exciting and exciting. I think the best part in the book was in the begining when Smith wrote his diary:

“Thoughtcrime, they called it. Thoughtcrime was not a thing that could be concealed for ever. You might dodge successfully for a while, even for years, but sooner or later they were bound to get you.”

I wish everyone would still read this book even if it’s a bit boring in the begining. I promise you: it gates better page by page.

Mind Map

Winston Smith

Character Analysis

Ministry of Oceania is the leading ministry of Britain. It has invented things like for example: Newspeak (which everyone in the ministry uses) and telescreen. The ministry is shared in 3 parts: Proles, Outer Party, Inner Party (and the top of everything is Big Brother).


Everything in the ministry is controlled by Big Brother (“BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU!”) He’s always right. Well people makes he seem so ’cause some parts of the ministry are changing history. At least books main character Winston Smith is.

Winston Smith is a great guy part of the Outer Party. He’s criminal. He’s biggest crime is Toughtcrime. He’s thinking against the ministry and he’s very suspicious.

Smith can not remember his past. He can only think some little things from his past. He doesn’t even know what year it is or how old is he. He can breath easy ’cause no-one in the ministry seems not to remember their past. Everyone are worshipping Big Brother. At least in the begining it seems so.

As the book goes on Smith receives note from his working partner Julia. Julia tells in the note that he loves Smith. Of course the ministry does not allow love so these two will end up being tortured to love Big Brother.

In the end of the book Winston realizes that he never loved Julia, he loves Big Brother.

Challenging Word

equivocal = monimerkityksinen

cavernous = ammottava

contradict = kiistää

vaguely = epämääräisesti

bisobey = olla tottelematon