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Mind Map

A Mind Map Of  Bella

Character Analysis

Stephenie Meyer’s  Breaking Dawn is a story about supernatural things and, mostly of all, limitless love. The book begings when 18-year-old Bella is about to get married to Edward who is a vampire. In the middle of their honeymoon, Bella becomes pregnant and they travel back home. The unborn child threatens Bella’s life but she decides to have the baby. She almost dies when the baby is born, but Edward transforms her into a vampire with some kind of poison. 
                     Bella Swan is the main character of the novel. She is beautiful on the inside and on the outside. She looks even more beautiful after Edward, her vampire husband, turns her into vampire. Transformation was something that Bella had wanted eversince they got married. She was ready to sacrifice certain things to be with the ones she loved. Some might think that Bella was weak but I disagree. Transformation gave her more strength but she was strong also mentally. Most of the normal people wouldn’t have been able to handle all the things that Bella did. She fought and put her own life in danger to give birth Renesmee, Bella and Edward’s child, who the Volturi clan wanted to be killed. They thought that she was a threat to all vampires but it wasn’t true. I think Bella was a caring person. Her friends, especially Jacob, and family both old and new were very important to her. Bella was keen on Renesmee before she was even born. She wanted to have the baby even though she knew that it could have killed her. After all, she wasn’t very interesting character and I don’t think that she grew at all during the novel.
                     Bella’s actions weren’t always so wise. Normal people would have had an abortion, if they had been on her shoes. She didn’t think different point of views while doing her decisions. Bella did decisions, which connected her to something for the rest of her life, so easily. For example having the baby and turning into a vampire. In my opinion, those are quite big decisions to be done at the age of 18. The decisions seemed to work out fine and she often thought about others when she made them. Mostly to please Edward because she loved him so much. Bella wanted to be devoted to him, so she left the “old” life behind and started new with her soul mate.
                      Jacob was still in love with Bella even though she got married to Edward. I think Bella was aware of that and she knew that Jacob would do anything for her even if it would try to kill him. Bella loved him more like he would have been her brother. He tried to protect her and try to make her realize the consequences of her decisions.
                      Bella got suprisingly quickly used to be a vampire. She thought it would have been more difficult but it was easy. The fact that she wanted to be one so bad could be one of the reasons. Maybe she thought that the rest of the Cullens would accept her better if she was a vampire instead of a human being. The main point, why she wanted to become “a bloodsucker”, was the eternal life with her true love.

Challencing Words

inevitable =  väistämätön
fetus = sikiö
frown = rypistää otsaa; otsan rypistys
allusion = viittaus, vihjaus
murmur = mumista
implicitly = ehdottomasti, epäsuorasti
assessment = arviointi
subtly = hienoisesti, tarkasti
disciplined = kurinalainen
stagger = järkyttää, horjua; hoipertelu


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