Book Review

Exciting book about survival 🙂 🙂 Very interesting but sometimes scary:) The beginning is a little tiring but in the middle start action. And then you just want to read more and more and want to know what happens to the boys.

Mind Map


Character Analysis

Lord of the Flies  is a story of survival. A group of young schoolboys are stuck on a desert island just on their own. They are afraid and they choose one boy for a leader, Ralph. The Boys start being scared of a terrible beast which may be hiding in the forest. In the end, two boys, Piggy and Simon get killed and the controversy between the boys getts worse.

Ralph is a twelve -year-old boy with fair hair. He is very brave and he does not giving up on the island, even though there aren’t any adults. Ralph is a smart kid and he thinks about the others, not just himself. He figure out to light up the campfire on the mountain so the smoke would show far away, and he build a couple of huts on the beach so that they have some shelters. Ralph must always remind how important the fire is, but the others just keep doing their own hobbies. Other boys like Ralph’s way of thinking so they choose him for a leader. Jack Merridew doesn’t like this choice because he wants to be the leader. Jack is a pigheaded boy and he doesn’t care about keeping the fire on, more important is getting meat. Jack doesn’t follow Ralph’s orders and he just want to chase boars in the forest. In the end, Jack becomes Ralph’s enemy, maybe because he is a bit bitter about Ralph’s position as leader. The controversy is so bad that the boys start to chase Ralph and want to kill him.

Ralph’s best friend is Piggy. Piggy is a plump silly boy and clumsy with his glasses, but he is always in the same side like Ralph. Without Piggy, Ralph wouldn’t get the campfire on, because they use Piggy’s glasses to turn the light on. Unfortunately Piggy’s life doesn’t end very well and Ralph is very sad about this. First Ralph has lots of friends but then they kind of turn against him. The other boys join in Jack’s group and Ralph doesn’t have friends anymore, especially when Piggy get killed. But Ralph is so clever and brave that he can survive in all kind of situations. Luckily Ralph can hide long enough and the officer arrive and save the kinds.

Challencing Words

a fragment= sirpale

the platform= lava, laituri

discursive= hajanainen

the conch= simpukankuori

the assembly= kokous

a blob= kimpale

vigorously= tarmokkaasti

misinterpreter= väärinymmärtää

whimper= uikuttaa

belligerence= sodankäynti

thunderous= raivoisa

swirl= kieputtaa

mutter= marista

exasperation= rasitus

squatter= valtaaja


Golding William, 1954. Lord of the flies