Book Review

An excellent book one of finest  that i ever read. Describing an evil magician called Flagg who poisons the king and sets up Prince Peter to take the blame. After Peter is imprisoned in a tower for life, Flagg sets Peter’s little brother on the throne and manipulates him. Meanwhile, Peter plans a daring escape.

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Character Analysis

Have you ever believed the power of magicians?. This book depicts the war between this young brave man called Peter, and a major magician who does whatever he can to get rid of him.

The main character of this story is Peter, because there is much more that we can learn about him. Peter is a young handsome man with dark hair and dark blue eyes  which are common to people of Delain. He is tall and lithe guy who enjoys hunting. Ben seems to be Peter’s best friend  as we understand directly from the book that he is doing whatever he can to release him from the prison, and even promising to pay for their friendship whatever it costs. We know indirectly that Peter was not proud when he befriended with Ben who is not from a royal family.

Peter is calm, dramatized, and motivated leader. He is calm as the writer mentioned  he thinks before he takes any kind of step. He is also regarded as dramatized character. He expresses the way he feels through his words, e.g. when he writes the letter to Peyna (pg 218-219).

Peter is a very motivated person, because he has clear goals and target that he struggles every time to achieve them. Author also shows us that Peter always used to play a leading role, even though he was not a king.

There is no way that peter’s character could be considered as flat character, because the story tells about from his childhood to his manhood. He faces many challenges and obstacles, such as going to prison, separating him from his loved ones,  making him criminal while he was innocent, and also several other problems  which are quite similar to those we face daily in our daily life. Though Peter could be summed up as a hero who saved the people when they desperately needed his help he had also his own problems that he abided.

Peter could be respected as a brave and successful person, because he firstly managed to break the jail  which was guarded strong enough he also succeeded to kill the evil  who wanted to rule the kingdom through Thomas, and finally recreated relationship between him and his younger brother, and made it the best relationship they ever had. At the end of the story we know that he is a bold character  when he dares to jump from the top of the very high building with a very thin robe.

All in all I would like to say that Peter was most convincing character. He faced so many problems, but later on succeeded to solve them out one by one and that shows how committed and successful man he is.


Stephen Kings. 1987. The eyes of the dragon. Fantasy