Book Review
it’s a really sweet story. Shame, that this was last book, I would love to read more about Bella and Edward 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Mind map

Mind map of Jacob

Breaking Dawn Book Cover

Character Analysis

Jacob Black, who is one of the werewolf and Bella’s friend, is a minor character in a novel. Even though he isn’t main character, his part is still huge, especially in the end of book.
In the previous book, Jacob has left but now he comes back because of the Bella and Edward’s wedding. And when Bella and Edward return from their honeymoon, Jacob get soon know that Bella is pregnant. Jacob tells this to werewolf’s leader Sam, who plans an attack on the Cullens, so they could kill Bella and the baby. But Jacob disobeys Sam’s command and separates himself from the pack, fulfilling his birthright as an Alpha wolf. He, whit Seth and Leah, decides to protect Bella. After the birth of Renesmee, Jacob imprints on her.
Jacob is a happy person. Even thought he is really hot-headed, he doesn’t meant anything bad, he just want to protect Bella and the others. Jacob is really caring, he want to keep everyone in safe, even if he has to sacrifice himself. He is pretty confident and stubborn, so when he is decided to do something, nothing can stop him. But Jacob isn’t mean but  a little bit sarcastic he is. He have good sense of humor but he really don’t know when he shouldn’t call somebody names.

Challenging Words

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