Book Review

This book has everything a romance novel can offer and more!  🙂 🙂 Though it was not as good as the other Meyer’s novels, I still enjoyed reading it and it’s a shame that this is the final book.

Mind Map

A mind map of Jacob

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer Cover Picture

Character Analysis

Would you consider falling in love with a vampire? Or maybe becoming friends with a werewolf? Stephenie Meyer depicts the story of an ordinary girl who does both of those things in her novel, Breaking Dawn, which is the conclusion to the popular teen series. This specific novel tells about the main character, Bella, getting pregnant and finally being changed into a vampire, like her husband Edward. Along comes Jacob, Bella’s best friend, first resisting her choices but in the end coming to terms with her decisions.

In Breaking Dawn, Jacob Black’s role increases.  He is not really the main character but his part is still huge because the novel is divided into three parts, one of them telling about Jake’s perspective of what’s happening.

Jacob Black is a 16-year-old werewolf/shape-shifter who lives in La Push with his father, Billy Black. Jake is very protective a person, he’d be willing to die for his family and friends if there was no other option. He’s also very warm and caring; he looks out for the ones he loves. Besides all of these wonderful thing, Jacob has a downside too. He can sometimes be quite jealous and he gets angered pretty easily if you don’t know which buttons to press.  But over all he’s a happy person with a sarcastic sense of humor.

In the book Jacob often makes hasty desicions. For example, when he finds out that Bella has some kind of a disease she picked up while she was on her honeymoon and now no one can go and see her, Jake immediately thinks she has been turned into a vampire and wants go and fight right away. Along with Jake’s hasty choises, his actions aren’t really that wise either. Breaking Dawn is full of dark events, and some of those events affects Jake’s personality. He used to be a very happy and sweet person but as the book goes on, he becomes bitter and kind of sad, propably because he has to watch Bella suffer with the pregnancy. But all ends well and  Jake changes back into what he used to be.

If I could write a sequel to this book, it would be about Jacob and the child of Edward and Bella, Renesmee, which he imprints on. Jacob would have waited Renesmee to become an adult and then they’d marry each other and so on. I think Jacob is mostly a sweet and caring person. Altough Edward might be the guy every girl dreams of, I’d still choose Jacob over him!

Challenging Words

  • vehemently = intohimoisesti, kiihkeästi
  • bewildered = ymmällä
  • formidable = suunnaton, mahtava
  • scatter = hajaantua
  • subtly = herkästi, hienostuneesti
  • degradation = heikentyminen, rappeutuminen
  • beam = tuikkia, välkkyä
  • guffaw = hekottaa, hohottaa


Stephenie Meyer. 2008. Breaking Dawn. Great Britain: Atom