I’m writing this post as an assignment for my English class. I read the book Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck and my job is to write a character analysis, a short book review and some other things on my blog. Read this blog in a gentle way, keeping in mind that the writer is a high school student from Finland. 🙂

Of Mice and Men

Book review

A very special story! Recommended for all readers that like a short but exciting novel! 🙂

Character Analysis

George Milton really is the main character  in this mighty novel, for he is responsible for many events and the story is occasionally told from his perspective. George seems like a poor, wise person, although he’s not clearly described in the book. He only has one good friend, Lenni, and he tries to make the most out of everything with him, even though it may be hard for him at some points because of Lennies mental illness.. Fortunately, George is an optimist and shows respect and empathy to Lennie, although Lennie can really be an arse to George at some points. Morally, Milton makes the right choices, although he might “give hell” to Lennie at some points for being annoying and dumb, which isn’t really Lennies fault.

Throughout the whole story, George’s goal is to live a better life without Lennie, and to get rid of all the problems. he’s frustrated because of all the problems Lennie causes for him, although he knows he can’t blame him because of his illness. George would like to live without Lennie, although deep in his heart he wants to be with him and take care of him, because Lennie needs George and he knows his.

All in all, George is a good person who only wants the best for everyone. The fact that he gets frustrated about what Lennies does and causes  is only human. Every person would probably get frustrated and angry at some point. In the end, he does the right thing for Lennie and himself by ending Lennies life, causing the story to end too. George’s chaotic life would probably continue it’s course if the story would have continued. There is no realistic solution to the problems George caused by killing Lennie nor to the problems he already had. Hell, one could write a whole new book about it!

An useful mindmap I made about George Milton:
George Milton

Challenging Words

1. to twinkle, verb tuikkia
2. to mottle, verb täplittää
3. coon, noun loukkaava sana tummaihoiselle
4. stilted, adjective jäykkä, taipumaton
5. denim, noun farkkukangas
6. slender, adjective hoikka
7. morose, adjective pahantuulinen
8. brim, noun reuna
9. scowl, noun vihainen katse
10. to cringe, verb säpsähtää


More coming soon!