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Sex, blood and rock ‘n’ roll, this book has it all!  🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Breaking Dawn Book Cover


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Character analysis

‘Breaking Dawn’ by Stephenie Meyer is a lovestory between a girl and a vampire. In the beginning, Bella and Edward get married and leave to spend their honeymoon on a private island somewhere near Brazil. After a few weeks, Bella discovers shocking news: She’s pregnant. Despite Edward’s suggestions to abort the pregnancy Bella wants to keep the child, even when it starts to be obvious that she’s not going to survive from the birth alive.  To save Bella’s life Edward has to transform her into a vampire.

Edward Cullen is a gorgeous 17-years-old boy. He lives in Forks, the darkest and rainiest town in the whole America with his big family, the Cullens. The thing that makes him and his family special is that they all happen to be vampires.  Edward is one of the main characters in the story. You can’t really say if he’s the antagonist or the protagonist, because he’s at the same time the guy who could kill humans and drink their blood, as well as the guy who would die for his beloved ones. So he’s probably both, the hero and the enemy depending on the point of view.

Edward’s outstanding appearance is one of his vampire qualities. He’s skin is white and cold, his body and face are perfectly formed and his eyes change color depending on how thirsty he is. Bella often compares him to an ancient Greece Adonis as he is like a perfect statue himself.  Added to his “normal” vampire skills he can also read and track every mind he wants (well, all apart from Bella’s obviously).  Edward drinks only animal blood, which is very rare for vampires and asks for really strong willpower and determination. Maybe he just wants to think himself less of a monster. Because he is a vampire he’s going to live to the point somebody rips him apart and burns his remains. Maybe that’s why he believes he’s going to hell when he dies.. Edward is charming and polite but likes to keep a little distance to the others. He’s protective and judicious when it comes to the people he loves. He has a good self control and he rarely acts before thinking it through.  He’s also very sophisticated and smart.

In the book Edward suffers a lot, because he sees how his baby is killing Bella from the inside, starving her and broking her bones. He hates to feel that he can’t help her and the emotional baggage and guilt he’s gathering inside him is killing him as well as his baby his wife. He’s very hard on himself when it comes to Bella’s protecting and he feels like he’s failed miserably. Edward changes when Bella has become a vampire. The roles have switched, now Bella has to be the one beware not to hurt Edward as she’s a newborn and stronger than him. I think the guardianship he has towards Bella fades to the back ground, though still exists.

I think Edward is a very selfless and loving. Despite his bloodlust and over concerned attitude, I’m sure pretty much every girl would like him to be their Prince Charming. In the future Edward and Bella will lead very happy life together, maybe go to college together or something. Maybe they’ll never die and they’ll beat the Volturi and became the next leaders of the vampire empire.


Stephenie Meyers. 2008. Breaking Dawn. Great Britain: Atom

Challenging words

tenuous = hatara

controversy = kiista

propriety = soveliaisuus

wield = käsitellä

incomprehensible = käsittämätön

pervade = levitä, täyttää

endeavour = pyrkimys

squabble = kinastella

depict = kuvata, esittää

degradation = rappio

confrontational = agressiivinen

jagged = rosoinen, särmikäs

Edward playing piano