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The God of Small Things is a novel by an excellent Indian author Arundhati Roy. This incredible book takes you to another world, you just can’t put the book down. This novel is everything that you can’t imagine, it’s impossible to know what happens next and that’s why you just have to keep reading. As you read more it just gets better and better. After reading this novel it comes as no surprise that the book has won the Booker Prize in 1997.

Amazing! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

Mind Map

A mind map of  Sophie Moll

The God of Small Things

Character Analysis
Do you have skeletons in your closet? Arundhati Roy depicts the story of two-egg twins Rahel and Estha and something tragic that happened in their past. Roy starts her story from the present time and when the story goes on, there are flashbacks that explain the twins’ tragical childhood.
Sophie Moll, who is the daughter of Margaret Kochamma and Chacko, is a minor character in novel. Although she is not main character, still she has a huge influence of the main characters’ life.
By the appearance Sophie Moll is described as a very beautiful girl. Her skin is “the colour of beach sand,” she has a “deep red brown hair,” and she has “greybluegrey eyes.” She seems to be really proud of her appearance and she owns a strong self-confidence.
By the time Sophie Moll was born Margaret asked for divorce from Chacko, and they divorced. Soon after their divorce Chacko returned to the village of Ayemenem in India, leaving his daughter in England with Margaret and her new love, Joe. Sophie Moll considers Joe as her father and, in fact, she makes sure that also Chacko knows that. After a tragic incident in ENgland, Sophie and Margaret come to Ayemenem for a holiday. They get nice treatment from Chacko’s relatives. Chacko does his best to be a good father and to give a good impression of him to Sophie but Sophie is acting cold around him. She seems to be bitter and angry with her father. Maybe she blames her father for leaving her and Margaret alone. She may not know the whole truth about her parents’ divorce.
Sophie Moll’s relatives on father’s side give attention to Sophie and that makes especially Rahel jealous to her. It also feels that adults favour Sophie Moll. Maybe because she is somehow outsider or just because she is acting like an angel around the adults. More over, they might accuse theirselves for have not been able to attend to her childhood. Being favoured might be the reason for her selfishness and they just let her be selfish. Sophie is clever and takes advantage of their guiltiness.
Among the children Sophie considers herself better that Estha or Rahel. At that time it was ordinary to look up England in India, so that might be the reason why Estha and Rahel also seem to look up Sophie, eventhougt they don’t like her. It’s easy for Sophie to talk them around to her point of view. They also do what she wants.
All in all, Sophie Moll seems to be misunderstood by everyone, not only by children but also by adults, but in different way. She might try her best to get along but it just doesn’t seem like that
Challenging Words

Conquerors – Valloittajat
Litigation – Oikeudenkäynti
Upholstery – Verhoilu
Ferns – Saniaiset
Brochures – Mainoslehtiset
Vaguely – Epämääräisesti
Creak – Narista
Harrow – Hara
Savagely – Raa’asti
Sinister – Pahaenteinen

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Roy, Arundhati. 1997. The God of Small Things. London: Flamingo